oXyClone 20 is Distributed throughout North America Exclusively by Sunlight Supply, Inc.
The rest of the world - please contact us.

Online dealers, Amazon, eBay, and brick and mortar sellers.
The oXyClone is a compact quality engineered system that gets the job done.
oXyClone 20 Systems are on sale from $49.95 throughout America at participating Sunlight Supply, Inc. Dealers





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  · Ready to go out the box. ·Works best with just water - skip the gels, solutions, etc.
  · Affordable · Complete with everything you need.
  · Only 1 moving part. · Molded cover eliminates using net pots.
  · Simple to operate. · Provides Maximum Dissolved Oxygen.
  · Simple to clean. · Comes with 2 Sets of re-useable oXyCerts (40 pcs.)
  · 20 Full Size Sites · Pays for itself in the first use.
  · Compact small size. · Works with many varieties of cuttings including fruit trees.
  · No Spray Jets. · Hardwood cuttings compliant.
  · No Air Stones. · Can continue to grow by adding nutrients.
  · No High power Pumps. · Year round perpetual garden.
  · Water Stays Cool. · Quality Black Light Proof Materials
  · 90 Day Warranty. · Works in hot temperatures.

The newly designed oxyCLONE 80 site is now ready for you.
Proudly Manufactured and Assembled in the State of Washington.

Distributed exclusively by Health Builders Network
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The newest oXyClone 40 is being developed and will be ready soon.
Super oXyGenation RDWC at a price you can afford.

Nothing Produces Roots Like an oxyCLONE